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Shared Experiences

Share your stories to provide strength and hope to others

A shared experience is any experience that causes individuals to identify with each other. 

Dig It Out has created a safe space where victims of racial abuse can openly share their experience with the hope that this will empower more of us to speak out!

To help others come forward, I have shared my own personal story here to show you that you are not alone. 

I have provided this page as a space to allow others to share their stories, so if you would like to share your story or offer support to others, please fill out the contact form below. Any story big or small would be greatly appreciated and will certainly help with our mission to create a more tolerant and caring world!


Dig It Out Message Board

"Unfortunately I, like many women of colour have had to endure racism throughout my life. I personally have worked on myself to better prepare myself for these occasions. One time that always comes to mind was when during an office team meeting a colleague was allowed to belittle and make fun of me in front of the whole team, without any action taking place. However, when a similar incident happened to my white colleague the whole team rallied around to offer support and at no point was the feelings of my colleague minimised. Thank you Dig It Out for allowing me to share my story and I hope it helps others who have experienced similar incidents"
Leeds, UK

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