#Dig It Out

Our mission

To Champion Equality Through Our Aims & Objectives

Dig it out is a campaigning organisation that works with gardening and horticultural organisations, societies, individual gardeners to tackle all forms of racism and discrimination


  • Teach people the benefits of equality and diversity
  • Expose all forms of discrimination and to challenge it
  • Educate organisations on being more inclusive
  • Develop a wider understanding of the issues of racism and discrimination within gardening and horticulture


  • To increase the awareness of the need for diversity and inclusion and the consequences of the failure of lack of opportunities
  • To create a standard for gardening and horticultural organisations which will allow them to monitor their own performance
  • To expose the inequalities that exist and  work with organisations to rectify it


  • Our visionis to create an environment where all people can enjoy and share their passion for gardening without the fear of discrimination

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